Incredible Windshield Technology

Most of us don’t think of our windshield as very exciting. It’s necessary, but it’s also just there until it breaks. And then it’s not “exciting” so much as “stressful.” However, on the horizon looms some truly amazing windshield technology to help make your life much easier. Lightweight Hybrid Glass Ford Motor Company and Corning Read more about Incredible Windshield Technology[…]

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Repair or Replace? Types of damage to your windshield

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: whether a dump truck on the highway ended up scattering debris or a pothole appears out of seemingly nowhere, you find yourself treated to an alarming crack! And just like that, your windshield has a crack or a chip in it. The damage has been done. But the real question is Read more about Repair or Replace? Types of damage to your windshield[…]

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5 Common Reasons for Windshield Breaks

Windshield breaks can happen to anyone. But there are easy ways to avoid this kind of damage. Whether it’s adjusting where you park your car to your safe driving habits, you can save yourself a fortune on repairs—or worse, replacements. Temperature changes Do you live in an area where the temperature can change over a Read more about 5 Common Reasons for Windshield Breaks[…]