Auto Insurance and Your Windshield

Everyone gets chips and cracks on their windshields. However, for many of us, it hasn’t happened yet, or maybe our insurance has changed since the last time. This can be especially scary if your windshield needs to be replaced due to severe damage. We’ll help you understand when your auto insurance can help you cover the costs of fixing or replacing your windshield.

When will insurance cover the costs?

In general, auto insurance will cover the damages from a collision. This could be in part or in whole depending on your insurance and the collision. But collisions aren’t the only cause of a broken windshield. If yours breaks after getting hit with gravel or an animal, or because of vandalism, this will depend entirely on your insurance.

Comprehensive auto insurance should cover these things. But if you don’t have this kind of auto insurance, you may find yourself paying on your own.

If you do have comprehensive auto insurance, make sure to call your insurance company if you’re not sure whether the damage is in your policy. If your coverage is “all-inclusive,” you’re generally covered.

Should you submit a claim?

Check on your deductible after getting a quote from a trusted professional. If the deductible is higher than the cost of the repair, you will be better paying out-of-pocket rather than submitting a claim. If it’s lower, submit the claim and safe yourself money!

Another reason to hesitate before submitting a claim, however, is the number of claims you’ve already submitted, and your role in the damage. You don’t want to have your company raise your rates because they see you as a risky driver or vehicle owner. For more specific questions on how a claim can affect your insurance rate, contact your provider.

Filing a claim

If your deductible is lower than the cost of the repair, and you’ve decided to file a claim, document and report the damage to your insurance company. Take plenty of pictures and get as much information as possible. The company will then let you know that you’re covered, and you can fix your car.

When you get your windshield fixed with us, make sure you send the receipt to your insurance company. They will reimburse you for the repairs.


Do you have more questions about auto insurance and how it affects your windshield? We’d love to help! No matter what your insurance situation or whether you’re paying out-of-pocket, we’ll give you quality service for windshield repair or replacement.

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