Incredible Windshield Technology

Most of us don’t think of our windshield as very exciting. It’s necessary, but it’s also just there until it breaks. And then it’s not “exciting” so much as “stressful.” However, on the horizon looms some truly amazing windshield technology to help make your life much easier.

Lightweight Hybrid Glass

Ford Motor Company and Corning are working on a lighter type of windshield glass that weights 30 percent less than regular glass. Plus, it’s more resistant to scratching and damage despite its thinness and lightness. This is actually currently available on the Fort GT sports car as of 2017, if you want to give it a spin! It’s been shown to improve how the car handles and its fuel efficiency.

Wiper-Free Windshields

High speed air blowers

Two teenagers in Luxembourg have created miniature blowers that use high-pressure air to blow the water off your car—and even to keep it from sticking!

Self-driving cars without wipers

Google’s extremely exclusive self-driving cars don’t use windshield wipers! It makes sense, since the car drives itself. Imagine not only the convenience of a self-driving car, but one where you don’t need to replace a windshield wiper every year.

High-frequency sound waves

Using the same technology as military planes that can’t use wipers in rainy conditions, some cars may someday emit high-frequency sound waves. These waves vibrate the windshield, keeping water, snow, and bugs off the glass. You’d never have to use wipers again!

De-Icing Windshields

Thanks to MIT researchers, car owners could someday use solar energy to quickly melt away ice and snow from their windshield. And they could do it without damaging their windshield with the extra heat!

Another de-icing method comes from NASA with Ice Free. This spray goes straight onto windshields, keeping ice and snow from sticking. It still requires wiping away snow, but imagine: no more scraping!


These technologies are still a little ways off from making it into every car. But until that day, make sure you talk to us about keeping your current windshield as upgraded and clear as possible. We’d love to help make your drive a little easier!

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