5 Common Reasons for Windshield Breaks

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Windshield breaks can happen to anyone. But there are easy ways to avoid this kind of damage. Whether it’s adjusting where you park your car to your safe driving habits, you can save yourself a fortune on repairs—or worse, replacements.
Temperature changes
Do you live in an area where the temperature can change over a very short window of time? If so, you’ll need to take precautions against breakages. Severe temperatures can cause glass to contract and expand—but it’s not as uniform as you might think. Different parts of your windshield might expand or contract at different times, which causes cracks. If you can, park in garages or other more stable areas to prevent damage to your windshield.
Driving behind construction vehicles and load-bearing trucks
There’s a reason vehicles covered in dirt or carrying rocks and gravel warn drivers to keep a safe distance. Normal road conditions can scatter debris to cars alongside and behind them, causing damage to windshields. It gets even worse when strong winds pick up, or the road is especially bumpy. Be sure to avoid them where possible, rather than close the gap out of impatience.
Driving on gravel roads
We’ve all experienced the pain of being hit by debris from trucks. But driving too fast down a gravel road can also cause damage. This is especially true for driving too close behind other vehicles going down gravel roads. Keep a safe distance from cars ahead of you, especially if you notice their speed is causing rocks and gravel to go flying.
Pressure changes
Just as the weather can affect your car, abrupt changes in pressure can also damage your car. This can be from a very abrupt change in speed, objects on the windshield, or drastic barometric changes. If you have a chip or crack in your windshield already, even an aggressive turn can make it worse.
Poor installation and Construction
If your windshield was installed by amateurs or badly made, it may break at the slightest provocation. Experts can tell you if this is the case with your car. If it is, you will need to replace the windshield before serious damage occurs.

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